Intentional spaces.

Boundless possibilities.

About Masterson Studio

Established in 2006 in Seattle, Masterson Studio specializes in private residences, home additions, renovations, and commercial projects. Our priority is ensuring that every space we create achieves a feeling of intimacy for those in it.

Connecting people with socially and environmentally responsive architecture.

Sustainability and durability are at the center of our design philosophy. We rely on astute attention to detail to create buildings that express the values of the occupants.

Our People

Joshua Masterson


Joshua was raised in New Mexico as the son of ceramic artists and a family of contractors. His family history was rooted in home construction and creativity, and he became a part of this at a young age. His undergraduate studies were in art while he simultaneously worked as a jeweler in different artists’ studios. He graduated with a Master of Architecture in 2000 and worked in other architects’ offices until he started Masterson Studio in 2006.

Pedro Vaquera


Pedro earned his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of New Mexico. After three years of dipping his toe into the world of architecture through a variety of project types such as single-family homes, mixed-use spaces, and commercial in-fill, he then relocated to the PNW to further his education and earned his Master of Architecture from the University of Washington. His passion for detailing and craftsmanship has been a driving factor in focusing on single-family residential.

Ivy Liu


Ivy joined Masterson Studio upon receiving her Bachelor of Architectural Design from the University of Washington in 2021. Ivy enjoys exploring how spaces are created by individual experience that has a specific meaning and purpose. She believes architecture is a living sculpture and desires to create meaningful spaces for clients.